If I file bankruptcy my house will be taken away. This is also not true! Bankruptcy exemptions allow you to keep many of your personal possessions, assets, and property. Often filing a bankruptcy can save your house if it is about to be foreclosed!

Filing bankruptcy means creditors will harass me even more! ​Just like the other myths, this is also not true! In fact when filing bankruptcy the court will inform all your creditors to stop all collection attempts or else the creditors will face legal repercussions! So if you have tons of creditors banging on your doors schedule aconsultation with Taylor Law today!

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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

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Bankruptcy FAQ

We understand you’ve worked hard your whole life to provide a standard of living, including a stable home, for your family and children.  Economic times have changed drastically for some, and occasionally circumstances arise, often beyond your control, that threaten that financial stability.  Perhaps an unexpected layoff or illness has caused you to drain your finances, live off credit cards or miss important payments.  Now you are being hounded by creditors and debt collectors.  They may scare you with threats of car repossession, home foreclosure, wage garnishments or seizing on your personal property.  You feel alone and confused and are considering bankruptcy.

Consumer bankruptcy, as well as small business bankruptcy, are terms that can cause panic and fear.  At Taylor Law Office, we work to ease those worries by confidentially evaluating your unique situation and creating a plan specifically for you.  For some, a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filing may be the best step to financial recovery.  Chapter 7 Bankruptcy  filings discharge your unsecured debt and, in most cases, allow you to keep all of your assets.

Another option is filing for a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy .  This type of bankruptcy reorganizes your debt so that you can make more manageable payments through debt consolidation and discharge.  At Taylor Law we will analyze your financial situation (your debt, assets and income) and perform a means test and determine if a chapter 13 reorganization plan will solve your financial difficulties.

If your business needs to file a bankruptcy a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy may be your best option. A Chapter 11 allows a debtor the time needed to restructure their assets and affairs.  

Bankruptcy ruins your credit. ​This is not true! In fact most people filing bankruptcy already have a low credit score, but by filing bankruptcy and beginning to make on time payments you can start restoring your credit in as little as 2 years.

​We understand that filing for a bankruptcy can be a stressful process. As a professional bankruptcy firm, Taylor Law will represent you and help you throughout this process.


Bankruptcy Myths

Bankruptcy Chapters including Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13 will stop the creditors and begin a solid path back to financial security!

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